• Nearly nine million people in the UK, around 1 in 7 of the population, have some form of deafness
  • Despite this, many hearing people admit that they would not really know how to communicate with them.

This website provides:

  • clear information about the difficulties faced by the D/deaf and hard of hearing people
  • information  and advice about available support

We are here to help you with problems finding sign support and training within an organisation.

Because of the wide range of individual circumstances, the information provided on this website cannot be exhaustive. However additional links are provided for more in-depth reading.

Norris Consultancy provides a range of deaf awareness training and support services for organisations in the educational, medical, commercial, public and various statutory and private sector organisations. Further information about these services can be found by clicking on the relevant menu items.

I do hope you find the website interesting, informative and useful. We at Norris Consultancy will be delighted to discuss any further questions or issues you may have with you. See the contact page for further details.

Shelagh Norris