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My name is Shelagh Norris and I am the founder of Norris Consultancy. I first became interested in issues concerning the Deaf community when working within the banking environment and coming into contact with D/deaf and hard of hearing employees. This encouraged me to take signing lessons and subsequently I gave up my banking career and took on voluntary work, including working with the D/deaf, for three years to gain my qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL). During this time I became aware of some of the difficulties in employment and education encountered by D/deaf people.

I listened D/deaf peoples’ views and frustrations about the services available to them, such as long waiting times for interpreter services, and decided to launch a service that would provide first-class support at short notice to address these needs.

I later met Richard Moore who subsequently joined Norris Consultancy adding his wealth of knowledge and experience acquired while working for over 25 years in technology development and project management in healthcare. Richard has a strong interest in the field of sensory impairment and was, until recently, the senior project manager for a major international project studying the relationship between sensory impairments such as hearing and vision loss, and cognitive health. He brings a passion for research and for problem-solving to the Norris Consultancy team and is involved in business development support and planning.

Norris Consultancy now provides an efficient and solid support network to the D/deaf community within the education and private sectors. Norris Consultancy is also committed to raising standards by ensuring that the support workers it provides are fully qualified and experienced in the areas of work they undertake.