Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf and hard of hearing people often find themselves discriminated against due to poor communication and a lack of understanding of their needs. There are many different circumstances and situations in which problems can manifest themselves. For example:

  •      Banks and building societies, schools and colleges
  •      Participating fully in group activities
  •      In the workplace
  •      Communicating with local government offices

Deaf awareness training supports equality and has a profound and positive impact on everyone in the community as well a reducing unintentional discrimination

What our training courses provide

Our trainer will seek to remove potential barriers to learning and will give the trainees the freedom to develop and experiment new ways in which to efficiently communicate. Each course will aim to:

  • increase employee confidence
  • increase employee’s knowledge and understanding of Deaf or hard of hearing colleagues
  • provide some basic signing and other communication skills
  • nurture good workforce relationships
  • address the challenges associated with face to face communication and the barriers deaf people face on a day to day basis through practical exercises.

By the end of the course, employees will be able to recognise different types of deafness; address, greet and take leave of a deaf sign user; understand the technologies used by deaf people; and spell the alphabet in British Sign Language.

Our training  packages

Norris Consultancy provides deaf awareness training, through the development of each client organisation’s human resources. We offer a specialised service to clients and their employees conducted by experts. All of the following courses can be tailored to suit an organisation’s individual needs:

  • Option “One ”         2 hour course
  • Option “Two”        3 hour course,
  • Option “Four”        4 hour course

Courses are for a maximum of 20 people.
Full programs are available on request.

Discounted prices available for ten sessions or more, with advanced bookings.

Reasonable travel cost will be added to all training sessions and available on request.